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Interactive Map of Activities


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Cross-country Skiing Tegelberg

The Winter Sports Arena at the Tegelberg offers skiing and cross-country skiing as well as ski tours and is a perfect starting point for all ski activities.  The cross-country run is equipped with flood lights for night skiing. 



Here you can find a map of all the cross-country ski runs in Schwangau:



Cross-country Skiing by Ferienhaus Haussmann

Cross-country Skiing by Ferienhaus Haussmann


You can also start your cross country skiing right from our parking lot. On this run you will enjoy the gorgeous view of the Allgäu mountains and the Füssen countryside. 


Ferienhaus Haußmann and History

Ferienhaus Haußmann


Ferienhaus Haußmann was once a farm and, at that time, looked the part.  Pictured are the aunt and mother of Agathe Haußmann gathering water from the well that existed on the property. 


In 1894, the Mehrl family built the house and in 1985 it was inherited by Agathe Haußmann (born Agathe Mehrl).  In 1989 the barn and shed were taken down and the first 6 apartments were built.  In 1996 the remaining six apartments were added to the property. 



Previously, apartments were rented from the front door.  Grandma sat on the red bench and bid travelers on their way through Brunnen welcome, personally renting each apartment to guests.  The bench remains to this day.



Today, the house looks like this and offers our guests 12 comfortable and cozy apartments for a perfect vacation.





Ski-Sport Luggi (Ski Rental)

Ski-Sport Luggi


Skistation, rental, sales, and test center at the Tegelberg.  They also rent and repair bicycles and offer a range of hiking and trekking shoes, bicycle accessories, and leisure clothing. 

Telephone: 08362-938651

Museum of the Bavarian Kings

The Museum of the Bavarian Kings was opened in September of 2011 in Hohenschwangau.

The museum provides insights into the history of the House of Wittelsbach. 

In addition to the exhibition, you will learn a lot about King Maximilian II and his son King Ludwig II, the builder of Neuschwanstein. 

The museum offers tours in several languages.


More information can be found here:


Königliche Kristall-Therme (Spa)

Königliche Kristall-Therme


The Kristall-Therme is located directly in Schwangau and has several indoor and outdoor pools, as well as a large sauna area. In the summer, there is also a large outdoor pool and a sunbathing area. 

Enjoy the view of the royal palaces and relax in the regal atmosphere. 

Drehhütte (Mountain Cabin)

Drehhütte (Mountain Cabin)


A very special outing in the Allgäu comes with a little piece of southern Tiro. 

The Drehhütte waits for you at 1240 meters elevation. In about 1 hour, you can reach the Drehhütte by foot from the Tegelberg parking lot or the Adlerhorst. 


Hours: 10:00 - 22:00 Tuesday to Saturday. 10:00-18:00 Sunday.
Monday closed.
23. Nov - 25. Dec closed.


Rohrkopfhütte (Rohrkopf Mountain Cabin)

The Rohrkopfhütte, at an elevation of 1320 meters, is a cozy mountain cabin and be reached by foot or with the Tegelbergbahn. When you reach the cabin, you are rewarded with beautiful views and a delicious menu. 

By foot, we recommend the "Schutzengelweg" from the Tegelberg parking lot.

This is a beautiful hiking path with no traffic. Using this route, you will reach the Rohrkopfhütte in about 1 hour and 15 minutes. 

You can also use the Tegelbergbahn to reach the top of the Tegelberg and begin your decent to the Rohrkopfhütte. Using this route, you will need about 45 minutes to reach the Rohrkopfhütte. 


Winter tip: Walk up and sled down. 


Hours: Daily 9:30 - 18 Uhr. Thursday until 22.00.
Tuesday closed. 


Gallery and Museum at Hohes Schloss Füssen

The state gallery, the city painting gallery, the castle, battlements and towers, city library and the Museum of Füssen can all be found at Füssner Magnusplatz in Old Town. 


Wintersport Tegelberg

The winter sports arena Tegelberg offers the perfect starting point for skiing, cross-country skiing and ski touring. 

One Gondola and 4 drag lifts provide skiing and snowboarding fun on the Tegelberg.


More information can be found on the Site of Tegelbergbahn Schwangau or take a look at the Webcam.


Touring Ski day is Thursday until Friday at 02:00.  At all other times the run is closed to touring skiers due to slope preparations. 


Brewery Tour and Adventure Mini Golf at Schlossbrauhaus Schwangau

Minigolf at Schlossbrauhaus Brewery.  Enjoy a relaxing day of games and fun at the  Schlossbrauhaus Schwangau

Along with the brewery tour, you can also take part in a brewing seminar and beer-liqueur course


Buchenbergalm (Buchenberg mountain hut)

From Schwnagau you can reach the Buchenbergalm (1140 meters) in a matter of minutes by car


To reach the cabin at the top of the mountain, you can ride up the  Talstation Buching or take one of the four different walking paths (Forstweg, Bachweg, Kultuurenweg, or Schwellen-Grabenweg)


In addition to a relaxing visit to the cabin, you are also able to arrange overnight stays.



outdooraktive - Find the best day trips

On the map of outdooraktive Tourenseite you can find all the walking trails around Schwangau.


At the following link, you will come to the outdooraktive day trip website.


Forggensee Boat Trips

Forggensee Boat Trips Füssen


Between 1. June and the 15. October, the Forggensee is navigated daily by different boats, the MS Allgäu and the MS Füssen. These trips start 9 times daily from Füssen`s harbor. 


Enjoy the romantic evening trips, the evening trips with live music, or the King Ludwig evening trip or the Salsa trip. 

More information can be found here

Summer Toboggan Run

Summer Toboggan Run


At the Tegelbergbahn lower station, you will find a 760-meter-long summer toboggan run

Nearby, you will find a playground, scooters, water tables and a childrens’ digger. A beer garden nearby offers snacks and drinks.

In need of some refreshment for tired legs? Visit the mountain water walking pool above the playground. 

Puppenmuseum (Doll Museum)

In Rieden am Forggensee, you will find a doll museum. 

The museum houses over 600 dolls. Allow yourself to be transported to this fascinating fairytale world for the day.



Eichenhof - Hintere Schöne 4  

87669 Rieden am Forggensee

Weißensee (Lake)

The Weißensee is 2,4 kilometers long and 600 meters wide with a circumference of 6.1 kilometers


This lake is located between Füssen and Pfronten. Parking, sunbathing area, toilets, and snack stand are all available on-site. 


At the Weißensee you can swim, fish, surf (especially in morning wind), or simply walk around the lake. With a bicycle, the trip around the lake is a bit difficult because the path on the forest side off the lake is narrow


Alatsee (Lake)

One of the smaller Allgäu lakes, the 1.3 kilometer circumference Alatsee sits nestled in a gorgeous place.  At 15 to 18 meters deep, sits a layer of magenta sulfur bacteria. Above this layer, the lake is oxygen rich, and underneath there is no oxygen.


In the Second World War, Luftwaffe engineers conducted experiments here with underwater models.  Iron bars and racks can still be found in the lake. Rumor has it that toward the end of the war, golden treasures held be the German Reichsbank were moved from their previously home at Neuschwanstein Castle and were hidden at the bottom of the laken. 



The lake is closed to recreational divers and one can only dive with special permission for scientific research. Swimming is allowed and the Alatsee is one of the clearest lakes in the Allgäu.

The Allgäuer novelists Michael Kobr and Volker Klüpfel were inspired by this mysterious story to write their thriller, “Seegrund”.

At the end of the lake you will find the Hotel Alatsee. On their beautiful terrace, you can enjoy a snack and the view. From there you can also continue on the path into the Faulenbacher valley where you will find more swimming lakes and more beautiful sights. 

Forggensee (Lake)

The Forggensee our home lake, is only 50 meters away from Ferienhaus Haußmann.

The lake is the 5th largest lake in Bavaria, at 12 kilometers long and 3 kilometers wide.  With a circumference of 35 kilometers, it is the perfect opportunity for a bicycle tour.  Biking paths are well signed.  Almost every part of the lake can be used for swimming.  With gravel banks and sunbathing lawns almost everywhere, you will surely find a spot.  Furthermore, you can also sail, surf, or fish.

The Forggensee is a reservoir and was developed in 1951.  To complete the project, many residents had to be relocated.  Every winter, the lake is drained, and you can still find walls or other housing remnants.  On May 1st, the water is released back into the reservoir and by June 1st the lake is full.  In October, the water is drained again to allow for mountain run-off in the spring. 



You can find more information about the lake here:


Marienbrücke (Bridge)

In 1966 the Marienbrücke was built above King Ludwig II´s beloved Pöllatschlucht

Named after Queen Marie, the mother of Ludwig II, the bridge gives you a different and breathtaking view of Neuschwanstein Castle



The Highline 179

Highline 179


On the Fernpassstraße (B-179), you will find the Highline 179.

This is a 406-meter-long suspension bridge at a height of 114.6 meters. 

There you will find a 360-degree breathtaking view. 

You can also add to you outing by visiting the castle ruins of Burgruine Ehrenberg. 

Kenzenhütte (Mountain Cabin)

The Kenzenhütte, at an elevation of 1294 meters, offers a gorgeous view and a great starting point for hiking and climbing adventures.  Drinks and meals are also available. 

You can reach the cabin by bus from Halblech (about 10 minutes by car from Schwangau) or by foot over the Maximiliansweg, die Via Alpina, or the hiking path through Halblechtal.  You can also reach the cabin by bicycle. 

Berggasthaus Bleckenau (mountain guesthouse)

Berggasthaus Bleckenau can be reached from Hohenschwangau by foot within 1.5 hours.  You simply follow the signs to Neuschwanstein Castle and the Marienbrücke, where you can then make a short detour and enjoy the wonderful views.  The lodge was the former hunting lodge for King Ludwig who enjoyed being surrounded by beautiful landscapes.


Berggesthaus Bleckenau can also be reached by taking the Bleckenau bus from the Hohenschwangau bus stop across from the tourist information.

Departure times are 11:00, 12:00, 13:00 and 15:00. The last return bus leaves at 17:00.


Perfect for a day of hiking with a relaxing stop. 


The Kings` Castles: Neuschwanstein & Hohenschwangau

The Kings‘ Castles Hohenschwangau and Neuschwanstein  can be found in the village of Hohenschwangau. 


Schloss Hohenschwangau, the older castle of King Ludwig II lies above the Alpsee in Hohenschwangau and is reachable by foot within a few minutes’ walk from the village of Hohenschwangau.

The castle was built in 1832 by Crown Prince Maximilian of Bavaria.  Originally it was the castle Schwanstein but the decaying building was rebuilt into the palace of Hohenschangau. 

This castle served the royal family and Luidwig II used it as summer residence. 




Schloss Neuschwanstein is probably one of the world’s most famous castles


It is located above Hohenschwangau and can be reached by foot, by horse-drawn carriage, or by bus.

It was built in 1869 by King Ludwig II and is visited annually by more than 1.5 million people. 

Unfortunately, the king only got to live a few months in his fairytale castle. 



More information on the castles, their history, and tours can be found here.


In Füssener Straße 32 in Schwangau is the Kurapotheke.



Monday - Friday
08.00 – 12.30
14.00 – 18.30

08.00 – 12.30

Supermarkt Feneberg with German Post Branch

In Füssener Straße 6 you will find the Feneberg Supermarket with a branch of the German Post Office



Monday - Friday 7:30 bis 19:00

Saturday 7:30 bis 16:00


Post Office Hours

Monday - Friday 8:00 bis 19:00

Saturday 8:00 bis 13:00

Rewe Supermarkt with Bakery and Aral Gas Station

The nearby Rewe Supermakt has a bakery and gas station. You can find it in König-Ludwig-Straße 2 in Schwangau.



Mo - Sa von 7:00 bis 20:00

So von 6:30 bis 20:00


Gas station is open daily 6:30 bis 20:00

Walderlebniszentrum Füssen/Ziegelwies and the Border Path

Enjoy an exciting day of adventure in the fresh air at the Walderlebniszentrum Ziegelwies


For example, you can visit the floodplain forest path at no charge.  This path explores the topic of water. 

Or you can check out the mountain forest path with its 1.7 kilometer walk with climbing spiderweb and monkey swings.

If you are looking for a better view, try the Baumkronenweg (Treetop path) with its 480-meter-long and 21-meter-high suspension bridge. From the bridge you have a fantastic view and are literally over the other paths.

Enjoy health, well-being, relaxation, and tranquility in the Valley of the Senses in Bad Faulbach or hike the 16-kilometer-long GEOgrenzGÄNGER circuit. This trail leads form Schongau to Pinswang, Tirol, past the Walderlebniszentrum. The smaller Grenzgängerweg path is 5.6 kilometers. Along the way you can discover the most divers geological features.


The Geo Grenzgänger App can be found in the Play Store for Android herunterladen

or in the Grenzgänger App for IOS


Viehscheid (Almabtrieb) in Schwangau (The Return of the Mountain Cows)

In different towns all over the Allgäu, and also in Schwangau, the young cows that spend their summer in the Alps are brought down from the mountains every September. 


The Schwangauer Viehscheid is a small undertaking with about 200 head of cattle. 


Gathered at Neuschwanstein Castle, the shepherds and their helpers drive the young cattle down the road to Hohenschwnagau.  Afterward, there is always a gathering at Schwansee Par. 


Coloman Fest with Coloman`s Ride to Schwangau

Every second Sunday in October, Schwangau holds the  Colomansfest


In the early morning the horses are dressed and prepared. 

At 9:30, the parade begins with Schwangau’s band leading a march from Schwangau to St. Coloman Catholic Church. 

After mass, all visitors have the opportunity to visit stands and eat lunch. 


Walking Map for Schwangau

Here is a map for all the walking trails around Schwangau


Kontakt zum Ferienhaus Haussmann